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Algebra Intelligence

Algebra Intelligence

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Address: Makkah Towers, Mecca St.
City: Amman
Country: Jordan


Saudi Arabia
Address: The Garage, Riyadh - KSA
City: Riyadh

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Number of Staff
Jordan, Saudi Arabia.


Algebra Intelligence is specialized in IOT-based solutions for energy, maintenance and operation management systems. It excels in monitoring energy usage, improving energy performance, organizing maintenance orders, improving team productivity.

Algebra Intelligence’s first product is Taqtak; an energy management system designed for electrical systems and portfolios. It enables effortless energy monitoring, supported by features such as energy forecasting, proactive notifications, and energy breakdown. Taqtak ensures professional monitoring, and integration, resulting in improved financial benefits and operational efficiency.

Taqtak effortlessly connects to smart sensors and IoT devices, offering near real time energy consumption insights. From smart meters to temperature and humidity sensors, Taqtak seamlessly integrates diverse IoT devices. Algebra Intelligence’s user-friendly setup ensures businesses can maximize their energy data for efficiency and sustainability.

Taqtak can help users make data driven decisions, improve energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint, reduce equipment downtime and cut costs.

In line with Algebra Intelligence’s commitment to simplifying processes for its clients, The company developed its second product Donefy, a maintenance management system designed to streamline maintenance activities within an organization’s facility. It serves as a centralized platform that consolidates maintenance information and aids in the efficient handling of maintenance operations. 
Donefy plays a crucial role in conducting maintenance tasks on equipment, assets, and properties. It offers functionalities that enable tracking of completed and assigned tasks, empowering maintenance workers to carry out their duties more effectively. Additionally, it generates status reports that provide valuable insights for management, facilitating informed decision-making across all maintenance activities. Furthermore, it optimizes the utilization and availability of physical equipment, machinery, communication systems, plant infrastructures, and other valuable assets within an organization.

All of this helps users reduce maintenance costs, increase visibility and transparency, automate key business processes, and increase team productivity.

Algebra Intelligence’s vision is to challenge the current standards of facility energy and asset management across the MENA region through world class technologies.

Meanwhile, Algebra Intelligence’s mission is to lead the transformation of sustainable energy and asset management by making it smart, data-driven and accessible.

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•    Energy Monitoring 
•    Proactive Notifications 
•    Set Points and Thresholds 
•    Reporting and Data Analysis
•    Energy Forecasting
•    Corrective Maintenance 
•    Preventive Maintenance 
•    Asset Management 
•    Consultancy Services Including: 
- Renewable Energy Projects Development and Consultancy
- Testing and Commissioning
- Operation and Maintenance


Key Staff

Ahmad Altawafsheh
Founder & CEO
Batool Al Mallahim
Osama Adwan
Head of Engineering




• Total number of points monitored in projects: 415+
• Number of Projects in Jordan and Saudi Arabia: 140+
• Featured by Forbes Middle East among the “Top 10 Sustainable Startups in the Middle East and North Africa”
• Featured in StartUs Insights as one of the “10 Top Predictive Maintenance Startups in 2023 on the global level”

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