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Alryadeh Est. for Electricity & Renewable Energy

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Establishment Year
Number of Staff
Total Projects Capacity
Over 50MW (supplied), over 2MW (installation)
Jordan, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic.


Established in 2018, Alryadeh has firmly secured its position as a reputable entity in the energy sector, obtaining the Class A license from EMRC. This license not only attests to the company’s legitimacy, but also positions Alryadeh as a trustworthy player, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in the realm of energy solutions.

The core strength of Alryadeh lies in the expertise of its skilled engineers, who specialize in the meticulous design and installation of renewable energy systems across the Kingdom. These systems are crafted with precision, adhering strictly to international codes, particularly emphasizing the robustness of steel structures. This commitment to international standards ensures not only the effectiveness of installations, but also their longevity and reliability.

What truly distinguishes Alryadeh is its holistic approach to energy solutions. Beyond engineering proficiency, the company seamlessly integrates the supply of essential materials into its service portfolio. This includes the provision of electricity cables, circuit breakers, panels, and PVC components – all offered at highly competitive prices. As exclusive dealers, Alryadeh is proud to represent distinguished brands such as RE, Laroup, Must Inverters, Elettro Brecia, and Fanton. This exclusivity ensures that the company’s partners gain privileged access to state-of-the-art products, further solidifying the quality of their projects.

On a global scale, Alryadeh extends its influence as the exclusive agent for the renowned RE brand. This role encompasses not only delivering cutting-edge lighting systems and electrical supplies, but also tailoring these offerings to meet the diverse needs of residential and industrial projects. Additionally, Alryadeh’s representation of Laroup involves supplying flexible UPVC conduit and waterproof junction boxes and, in collaboration with Elettro Brecia Cables, to excel in providing top-notch DC cables. As an Authorized Distributor for MUST, Alryadeh’s commitment to comprehensive solar solutions is evident, covering inverters, lithium batteries, and the entire spectrum of solar off-grid systems.

In strategic collaboration, Alryadeh operates as a partner in Aswar Alquds for plastic industries, a leading manufacturer specializing in high-quality pipes for water and electricity applications. This partnership not only enhances Alryadeh’s capabilities, but also underscores its commitment to diversification and excellence.

Crucially, Alryadeh’s commitment to sustainability is more than a principle – it’s a guiding philosophy. This commitment extends beyond its partnership with Aswar Alquds; ensuring that every EPC contractor and solar project associated with Alryadeh receives not only cutting-edge technology, such as solar panels and inverters, but also the necessary materials for seamless implementation. This proactive stance aligns with the company’s vision of creating a sustainable future through responsible energy practices.

In essence, Alryadeh is not merely a provider of energy solutions. It is an architect of excellence, a beacon of trust, and a driving force in shaping a sustainable energy landscape. The company’s journey is marked by precision, exclusivity, global impact, strategic partnerships and, above all, an unwavering commitment to sustainability – values that resonate in every project it undertakes.

Alryadeh’s material supply accomplishment is that is has successfully delivered a range of materials, including lighting, electrical, and power components, for both industrial and residential projects. Additionally, it has exceeded 30MW in material supply for solar projects in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The company operates in Jordan and the Middle East. Regarding sustainability, Alryadeh integrates sustainable practices into all projects for environmental responsibility. The solar projects capacity delivered demonstrates the capability of Alryadeh to handle solar projects exceeding 2MW.

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• LED lighting supplier 
• Electricity materials supplier
• PV accessories supplier
• PV structure supplier
• Photovoltaics installation and implementation.

Key Staff

Rami Drou
General Manager
Mo'men Drou
Sales Manager
Ahmad Drou
Store Director
Mohammad Abuwardeh
Projects Engineer

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EMRC: Class A

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