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Address: Khalda ,Amer Bin Malik Street ,Al-Tayseer Building No.52
P.O. Box: 1438
Zip Code: 11821
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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ALTAYSEER Co. was established in 1978 as a leader in the Mechanical and Plumbing manufacturing sector. Since then, it has been specialized in manufacturing steel panel radiators and plastic pipes used for sanitary plumbing and heating system networks. ALTAYSEER Co. is also the sole agent and distributor of several well-known International and European brands in the fields of Heating, Cooling and Renewable Energy Systems including leading brands in Air Conditioning, Heatpumps, Gas Boilers and Solar Thermal Systems.

Along with the mechanical engineering and manufacturing sector, ALTAYSEER Co. initiated a Renewable Energy department in 2016 that is specialized in the Distribution of PV products, and in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of PV projects for residential, commercial, industrial, health and hotels sectors.

Since the establishment of its renewable energy department, ALTAYSEER Co. has proven itself as one of Jordan’s most reliable solar companies, with a focus on quality, integrity, safety, and deep staff expertise. The renewable energy team consists of engineers, electricians, and technicians that are certified by the American Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and by the Jordanian Engineering Association (JEA).

ALTAYSEER Co. is the authorized distributor of SMA Inverters, Solis Inverters, Trina Solar, ∑ Mounting Systems, Grace Solar, and Top Cable. Up until now, ALTAYSEER Co. has supplied more than 60 megawatts of solar PV inverters, modules, mounting systems and other PV accessories to renewable energy companies in the Middle East and Europe. ALTAYSEER Co. not only offers a one stop shop for PV products, but also has a professional technical support engineering team that provides after sale support for the PV products and therefore assures the optimum operation over the product entire lifecycle.

Further to the distribution of PV products, ALTAYSEER Co. is known for its innovative EPC and O&M implementation capabilities for small scale and mega scale PV projects with a portfolio of more than 8 megawatts of EPC solar projects, including systems with sun tracking technologies (Single- Axis Trackers), and more than 5 megawatts of O&M projects.

ALTAYSEER Co. offers a turnkey EPC solution that starts from the engineering site survey, full study of the client loads and energy consumption, engineering calculation of the required PV system solution, preparation of detailed PV system 3D drawings and designs, simulation of energy production and feasibility study, preparation of full technical and financial proposal, attaining the required permits and approvals from distribution companies and related municipalities, and finally ends up by executing the PV system meeting the highest international standards.

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Abdali Mall - Rooftop
Abdali Mall, Single Axis Tracker
Khalil Al-Rahman Society, Rooftop
Fakhreldin Coffee, Rooftop
ALTAYSEER HQ Carport, Ground Mounted
Eshraq Educational Schools, Rooftop


•    Distribution and Turnkey (Renewable Energy Engineering Solutions, HVAC Engineering Solutions)
•    Mechanical Engineering and Plumbing Solutions
•    Heatpumps for Heating Systems and Swimming Pools 
•    Solar Thermal Systems, Gas Boilers and Underfloor Heating (Engineering Design, Supply and O&M)
•    Kitchen, Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Accessories

Key Staff

Naser Alkaraki
General Manager
Majd Alkaraki
Executive Manager
Qusai Alkaraki
Commercial Manager
Samer Yaseen
Projects Sales Manager
Salah Zareer
Engineering Division Manager

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