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Establishment Year
Number of Staff
250+ (globally)
Total Projects Capacity
2 GW
Jordan, Oman, United Arab Emirates (the).


Amarenco is a silent change maker, with a wide range of infrastructures offering a competitive edge to its customers and partners through the integration of low-carbon solar electricity production that is local, economical, and can be a source of income.

Amarenco brings energy production and consumption closer, in particular through the digital development of short supply circuits. The company is regenerating ecosystems in areas where it builds solar and solar-powered infrastructures that can be associated with battery storage and green hydrogen solutions.

What Amarenco believes in is based on a logic of respect and co-creation, alongside nature and all its species.

Every day, Amarenco carries with it positive, renewable energy. For every generation, every culture, every sensitivity and every expertise; for all who believe in a sustainable future. This new paradigm is called the regenerative economy.

The years 2030 and 2050 represent two essential dates in Amarenco’s future, but also and more importantly for all of humanity’s future. As highlighted by the Paris climate agreement, approved by 195 countries at the end of 2015, and as the IPCC and many experts continue to confirm, the fight against climate change is a crucial one.  Reducing global warming to 1.5 Celsius degrees by 2100 requires achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. But today in 2023, fossil fuels still represent over 70% of the world’s energy.

Amarenco group is the benchmark, independent solar energy producer which has chosen to be at the heart of these challenges and to create a regenerative socio-economic model, because there no longer is a choice. The world no longer has the time for passivity and inaction and can no longer suffer the shortcomings of meaningless, purposeless capitalism.

The group provides itself with the means to achieve its ambitions, focusing on making electricity accessible to the masses through its photovoltaic energy infrastructures to achieve 10 regenerative GW in 2030 and 50 regenerative GW in 2050. All this while permanently being committed to the regeneration of ecosystems in areas where the company has its infrastructure.

Amarenco has expertise in structuring investment, bank financing and crowdfunding. The company also has design and development expertise to obtain all the required authorizations for financing and operating projects, using its talents in technical, legal, fiscal and commercial engineering.

Amarenco can manage construction due to its expertise in the project construction phase, in contracting and project management, with a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to safety and security. The company also manages assets through its expertise in the technical administrative, insurance, security and financial management of photovoltaic power plants.

Amarenco’s values are  Human Ecology, Engagement, Agility, Trailblazer and Unifier.

Over the years, the word ecology has become a mantra behind which Amarenco finds a number of green commitments. Going back to basics, ecology is firstly a doctrine aiming to preserve the balance between all species inhabiting our planet (including man).
Regarding Engagement, it is a strong word that means being bound by a promise to something or someone. Engagement is also a conviction that makes Amarenco believe whole-heartedly that the company is going in the right direction by offering a different, more responsible, and healthier path for the coming generations.

Amarenco’s agility relies on its concrete ability to reconcile technology with the demands of regenerative development and to find the talents that embrace the company’s philosophy and contribute to the very dynamic growth of its business.

Being a Trailblazer and pioneer means opening the way for new ideas, new developments. It means clearing a path down which others can follow. Being a pioneer means preparing the way.

Finally, Amarenco is a unifier having successfully implemented processes in line with its purpose, processes that mediate between two worlds.

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Armoush Tourist Investments PV Power Plant
Carmona Sevilla 50 MW, Spain
El Gouna, Egypt
Tour-Sur-Orb, France
Villeneuve la Rivière Greenhouses, France
Ward Restaurant PV Power Plant


•    Invest and Finance
•    Design and Development
•    Manage Construction
•    Manage Assets

Key Staff

John Mullins
Group Executive Chairman
Yazan Faouri
Chief Executive Officer - MENA
Karim Drif
Chief Finance Officer – MENA
Rama Numayr
Managing Director - Jordan
Waleed Alhallaj
Head of Business Development - MENA
Thomas Lange
Head of Projects – MENA

Head Offices

•    Global head office: Cork, Ireland
[email protected]

•    France head office: Lagrave
[email protected]

•    MENA head office: Dubai
Tel: +971-50-7648099
[email protected]

•    APAC head office: Singapore
[email protected]


Farmers, project developers, Industrial and commercial business, government agencies, asset owners, utility companies.

Facts & Figures

•    1.1GW operational assets
•    1 Billion USD in annual investment
•    2000+ projects in Agri-PV
•    500+ C&I projects
•    15+ pipelines under development
•    Chairing Global Solar Council
•    Owner of biggest EES in solar

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