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Asali Architects

Innovative Design

Address: Jabal Amman, Zahran St., Business Avenue Building #77, 3rd Floor
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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Jordan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (the).


Asali is an innovative architecture and design company established in 2012 by the architect-engineer Dania Asali. It is based and operates in Amman, Dubai and Istanbul.

Asali has been responsible for the architecture and interior design of various building types, alongside urban and landscape design for macro-scale projects for a diverse range of clients, winning several international design awards. Each project gets our full attention and is executed meticulously from concept initiation until completion.

Asali's philosophy is to make every effort to provide its customers with the most optimal, the most recent and the most creative solutions to respond to simple or complex projects with complete satisfaction.

These principles it carries are within the foundation of Architecture. It explores architectural practice's full richness and diversity, understanding it as a critical cultural act that engages its most fundamental desires and aspirations. Therefore, Asali aims to achieve great success in each project executed.

Asali aims to provide a good design solution that is unambiguously managed, technically accurate and aesthetically sensitive, accomplished by its skilled and professional team through listening to you, defining your needs, and translating them into functional, attractive, and cost-effective design solutions.

Asali provides its benefits individually and exclusively to you, starting from the preparatory design stage through construction and implementation.

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225 local and International Projects including: , • Modular Distance School , • WISE Univeristy - Lecture halls building , • Sky Tower - Kuwait , • Therapeutical Hotel , • Eco friendly homes , • Integrated Agricultural park , • Eurpoean Union Building , • Aqaba Logistic City Center , • Aqaba Cruise Terminal , • Aqaba Parcelization Project , • Commodore Hotel , • Embassy of Ireland in Amman , • Residential compound in Amman , • Industrial Complex in Egypt , • D170 Hotel in Dabouq.
Eco Friendly Homes
Sky Tower


• Architectural, Urban and Interior Design.
• Supervision
• Structural and Civil engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Road Engineering
• Project Management

Key Staff

Dania Asali
Founder and CEO

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