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Based on the BDO environmental policy and market demands, as well as the urgent need to substitute the present economic activities with the green activities to achieve a green investment, it has become necessary to provide consultancy services for various projects. This would support the protection of the environment and investment stability and sustainability. Therefore, BDO established a special department that focuses on those environmental services in all dimensions. BDO Jordan helps individuals and companies and communities to tackle potential risks, such as those brought on by climate change, and to overcome any obstacles to sustainability.

Consequently, the Green and Sustainability Services (GSS) department has observed links between financial issues and the environmental elements to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from business activities; disclose the environmental impact of business activities and build risk mitigation plans and procedures; ensure that projects submitted to donors comply with the local and international environmental standards; aid to create applicable governance structures to manage risks at the managerial levels; develop procedures and practices to increase the revenues for the business; develop an eco-design to the start-up projects that aims to efficiently incorporate environmental criteria from the design stage to the client’s products, services, and business models.

Therefore, GSS at BDO Jordan utilizes knowledge-based services that improve operational performance, productivity, and efficiency while at the same time reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, water consumption, and waste generation; all of which truly produce greener energy, reduce the carbon footprint, protect the environment, achieve sustainability, and achieve a quality management standard.

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• Sustainability Services: Environmental and Social Analyses, Sustainability Studies, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (TEST), Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA), Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Audit (RE-CPA), Emission Reduction & Climate Change Resilience Studies (CDM), Geographical Information System support (GIS), Awareness and Outreach Activities, Green Entrepreneurship.
• Water Management: Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH), Wastewater treatment consultancy, Water usage assessment and reporting, Water conservation analysis
• Energy Management: PV - Feasibility Study (FS), Escrow agreements for renewable energy, Renewable Energy Financial Models (Wheeling-PPA), Tendering & Contracting.

Key Staff

Rami Samman
Manager Partner
Azzam Hamaideh
Director - Consulting Services

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