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Borghul Steel

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Borghul Steel is a leading provider of custom roll formed and assembled metal parts for a wide range of industries. The company has been in business for over seven years and, in that time, has built a reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

The team at Borghul Steel are experienced engineers and technicians who use the latest technology and equipment to design and manufacture custom metal parts that meet their clients’ exact specifications. Whether you need a simple bracket or a complex metal component, Borghul Steel can create it with precision and efficiency.

Borghul Steel takes pride in its lean manufacturing processes, which allows it to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and to lower costs. The company is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, and works closely with its clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs while minimizing impact on the environment.

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Car Parking Canopies: Amman Civil Airport, Jordan Petroleum Refinery (Al Zarqaa, Ajloun National University, University of Jordan, Eye Specialty Hospital Amman, Brinks, Sheikh Hussein Bridge, The Royal Yacht Club of Jordan. , Mezzanine Steel Structure: Middle East University, Gaith Restaurant , Light-Gauge Structure: Marka Specialty Hospital , Steel Structure multi-story building: Champions for Logistics.


•    Forms cold sections to (C, Z & U) profiles and all types of accessories for solar mounting structures.
•    Redesigned hot rolled sections (IPE, HEA, UPE, Tube, Pipe, etc.) for manufacturing solar canopies.
•    Redesigned hot rolled sections (IPE, HEA, UPE, Tube, Pipe, etc.) for manufacturing hangers, canopies and multi-story buildings, etc.
•    Forms cold sections to (C & U) profiles and all types of accessories for light gauge structures

Key Staff

Bashar Borghul
CEO & Founder
Mohmmad Borghul
General Manager
Wisam Shelbayeh
Project Manager


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