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Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United States of America (the), Yemen.


DARBCO was established in 2018 and has emerged as a leading innovator in the MENA region, specializing in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge robotic solar panel cleaning solutions. The core challenge addressed by DARBCO is the accumulation of dust on solar panels, a prevalent issue that compromises energy output and increases operational costs.

Despite solar systems’ global adoption as a clean and cost-effective energy source, the need for periodic cleaning, involving significant water, labor and time resources, hinders their full potential.

To tackle this challenge, DARBCO has engineered innovative robotic solutions, designed to deliver exceptional cleaning efficiency and reliability. These solutions are not only effective but also designed to withstand the harsh and dusty conditions in desert regions.

Notably, DARBCO’s proprietary high-efficiency cleaning mechanism minimizes water usage and reduces cleaning time, all while preserving the integrity of the solar panels. Recognizing the sensitivity of solar panels to mechanical interactions that could lead to scratches or micro-cracks, DARBCO has developed and tested materials that ensure the safe operation of the cleaning robots.

DARBCO’s mission is to enhance the efficiency of solar PV plants in terms of energy generation, while minimizing the consumption of resources and human effort. The company’s vision is to become a leading provider of solar panel cleaning solutions on a global scale.

Beyond innovative cleaning technology, DARBCO has pioneered the development of DarbSense, an advanced IoT-based platform. DarbSense is engineered to facilitate seamless monitoring and control of DARBCO’s robotic solutions. Leveraging the power of Internet connectivity, this technology empowers operators to remotely oversee and manage the robotic system.

Operators can effortlessly track real-time status updates and harness the technology to generate comprehensive reports detailing the system’s historical data. This wealth of data allows for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making.

DarbSense operates through multiple communication protocols, including Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Lora, offering reliable connectivity between the various components of the system. With an impressive long-range reach of up to 10 kilometers, DarbSense is a game-changing solution that revolutionizes the way operators interact with and control robotic systems. It brings enhanced convenience, efficiency, and intelligence to the forefront of industrial automation, marking a significant step forward in optimizing the performance and maintenance of solar panel installations.

The main products of DARBCO are the Dry Switchable Robot SCM- L2 and the Wet Cleaning Robot SCM-L3

The Dry switchable Robot is a specialized robot designed for autonomous cleaning of all types of solar panel installations. It utilizes dual cleaning technology to effectively remove dust and dirt from solar panels, ensuring safety, cleanliness, and optimized performance. The robot offers the two cleaning modes of dry cleaning and wet cleaning. In dry cleaning mode, the robot utilizes rotating brushes to gently clean the surface of the solar panels, effectively removing dirt and dust. Based on projects requirements, the wet cleaning mode of the SCM-L2 robot can be activated. In this mode, the robot is equipped with water injection system allowing for a seamless switch from dry to wet cleaning, enabling a thorough cleaning process.

The DARBCO Wet Solar Cleaning SCM-L3 is an advanced cleaning robot specifically designed to effectively clean all types of solar panel systems. It utilizes an optimized wet cleaning technology that ensures the removal of over 99% of accumulated dust and debris. This cleaning process helps maintain the panels’ peak efficiency, even in harsh and dusty environments. 

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Ayla Oasis project – Aqaba , GiG/ Giant Industrial Group project – Mafraq , The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship project – Amman , ACT / Aqaba container terminal project – Aqaba , North Mills project - Irbid , Abu Odeh Bros Co , Luminus Technical University College - Irbid.
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•    Robotic Systems Manufacturing for Solar Cleaning
•    On-Site Robotic Systems Installation and Inspection
•    On-Site Robotic Systems Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
•    Wireless Control and Communication Systems Development
•    IoT Systems Integration by DARBCO

Key Staff

Monther Fadel
Amjad Khalil
Technical Manager
Azzah Alkhalailah
Sales Manager

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Total Energy Produced: 14,000+ MWh/year 
Total Saved Water: 600,000+ Litres/year

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