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EarthWatch Group

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EarthWatch Group is a leading decarbonization and energy efficiency organization dedicated to helping businesses and individuals transition to a sustainable, environmentally friendly economy, by reducing their carbon foot-print and operational costs through implementing sustainable practices.

EarthWatch Group understands the urgent need to address its client’s business evolution in response to challenges and technological innovations to remain competitive, and is committed to providing those innovative solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. With EarthWatch Group’s expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive services, the company empowers organizations to thrive into a brighter future.

EarthWatch Group segmented its business into categories, along with its sister companies, and offers a wide range of services. EarthWatch Consulting provides Consultations, Project Management, and Feasibility Studies. Through A.E.E.S, complete EPC services of renewable energy systems are provided such as Solar Power, Energy Storage, and Hybrid Systems, Heat Pumps, HVAC systems, Solar Thermal Technology, and Energy Efficiency measures.

EarthWatch Group has a team of experienced energy professionals, highly knowledgeable engineers, and consultants who possess a deep understanding of companies’ challenges and opportunities facing businesses today. The team stays abreast of the latest industry trends, regulations, and best practices to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients; combining technical expertise, data-driven analysis, and strategic thinking to offer practical and cost-effective recommendations. 

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Applied Science Private University (6.4 MWp), LFG Solar PV Project - Cement Factory (2 MWp), Arab Pioneers Carpets Factory (1, 892 MWp), Shwaikh Mall (420 KWp), Ittihad Schools (320 KWp), Sky Gym (100 KWp), Samir Abu Musalam Co. (100 KWp), Hazem Musa (75 KWp), Najeeb Saleem (75 KWp), Future Networks (36 KWp), Asad Alshami (20 KWp), IPP (12 MWp).
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Consultations, Project Management, Feasibility Studies, EPC services (Solar Power, Energy Storage, Hybrid Systems, Heat Pumps, HVAC systems, Solar Thermal Technology, Energy Efficiency measures).

Key Staff

Eng. Mustafa AlWishah
Eng. Madhat Abuelenien
General Manager
Eng. Tameem Alzoabi
Head of Global Business Development
Eng. Alaa Elmghrapy
Director of Sustainability Consulting


Certifications & Awards

EMRC: Class A

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