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ECO-Jordan Group

ECO-Jordan Group

Green Energy Solutions
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Address: 152 Arar Street،Wadi Saqra
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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ECO-Jordan Group was established in 2020, after the long experience of its founders in serving the market since 1994.

The company proudly established its heritage and company vision to be well incorporated into its products, solutions and services.

ECO-Jordan Group has had a powerful impact in the field of air-conditioning, photovoltaic, water treatment, heat pump and all clean green solutions in Jordan.

The company aims to meet the expectations of its stakeholders by achieving smart growth, improving sustainability, and increasing its corporate value through technological strength and outstanding human resources.

The primary goal of ECO-Jordan Group is to preserve the environment and to save monthly household expenses, as it provides distinguished services to achieve its goal. The company’s vision is to leave a sustainable and green world for future generations.

The energy photovoltaics team of expert engineers can provide full solar services starting from analysis and design to full procurement and installation of systems. The team has built and commissioned various systems around Jordan, with the option of maintenance and operation. The team of financial experts can provide financing solutions in collaboration with various local and international banks to reduce investment capital and to provide healthy cash flows for projects and investors.

The services that ECO-Jordan Group provides are On-Grid PV Systems, Off-Grid PV Systems, Solar Lighting, Solar Pumping and Solar Thermal Systems.

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Solar energy: Prince Ali bin Nayef Residence, Palestine Central Markets, Walid Mithqal Asfour Residence, Hala Rasheed Residence, Khaled Al-Omrani Residence. , Heat pumps: Prince Ali bin Al Hussein Residence, Prince Ali bin Nayef Residence, Amman Swimming Club, Al-Balqa Islamic Schools , .
Bilal Bushnaq (POOL)
jehad Alanani (PV)
Mr. Darwish Bseiso (UFH)


● Solar Energy
● Heat Pumps
● Water Treatment

Key Staff

Eng. Abdulaziz Samarah
General Manager
Eng. Mohamad Obeidat
Mechanical Engineering Head
Eng. Nour Al-deen Shakhdam
Renewable Engineer Head

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