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IDHAL for Solar Energy Solutions

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Address: 7th Circle, Alsilawi Complex, Build No.2
P.O. Box: 13012
Zip Code: 11942
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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Establishment Year
Number of Staff
Total Projects Capacity
30+ MWp


IDHAL is an energetic company located in Amman, Jordan, with a sister company and partner in the USA, which specializes in developing and implementing integrated renewable energy business in the Middle East region.

Starting in 2016, and working with large renewable energy providers worldwide, IDHAL works to make solar and wind energy part of people’s lives. IDHAL partners have developed hundreds of projects involving energy efficiency and renewable power for education, governmental and business customers all across the world.

IDHAL’s vision is to ensure that renewable energy is the leading contributor to sustainable development in the Middle East. Its mission is to shape the regulatory environment to promote the growing market opportunity for renewable energy in the Middle East.

IDHAL’s partnership with EASTMAN is one of the most important steps to achieving this vision. IDHAL is proud to be the exclusive agent for the exceptional “Eastman Auto and Power Limited” range of solar energy products in Jordan, Syria and Palestine, and all solar energy solutions including high-level solar batteries, inverters, panels, water pump inverters, and charge controllers. This strategic alliance with Eastman is a vital step in establishing a dominant presence in the region’s markets.

As Eastman and IDHAL join forces to serve the renewable energy markets in Jordan, Syria and Palestine, their commitment to providing a solid and dependable source for trusted products will play a key role in driving progress as these markets continue to grow and evolve. This is in line with IDHAL’s strategy to achieve profitable growth by providing advanced technologies and lifestyle solutions for its customers.

IDHAL works in partnership with companies from different countries including China, India, Syria, Iraq, KSA, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, and Egypt in consulting and supplying services of green energy, with a total supplying capacity of 178MW so far.

IDHAL social responsibility involvements and memberships include the National Center for Human Resources Development (NCHRD), and board memberships of the Technical Committee for the sector of electricity and the Renewable Energy Establishment Society and Energy Management (REES). IDHAL is also working with universities, during the next 3 years, to keep pace with the labor market needs and to find solutions to the obstacles facing the workforce in the sector.

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Aluminum Bahrain (Alba), electrical and mechanical design of (6.2MW) solar system, Bahrain , AlAlamyah Co., Roof hanger Project (660 KW) , Mr. Baker Alkhatib, solar pumping system (294.3 KW), in Amman-Giza , Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund; schools in South of Jordan in Al-Shobak, Altafilah and AlKarak project (430 KW). , Household single-phase small project (3.5 MW), Amman. , SkyLight Hotel, rooftop project (142 KW), Amman. , Umm Alrasas .
IDHAL project 1
IDHAL project 2
IDHAL project 3
IDHAL project 4
IDHAL project 5


•    Engineering and Procurement and Construction projects (EPC).
•    Project Development and Design
•    Operation and Maintenance
•    Training and Capacity Building.
•    Import and Export of Solar Energy Components
•    Production Line Solutions and Manufacturing Consultation


Key Staff

Mohanad Ajarmih
General Manager
Rasha Abu Alghanam
Product and Sales Manager
Faris Al Deek
Installation, O&M Manager
Hiba Al Blewi
Design Manager

Certifications & Awards

• EMRC: Class A 
• Top brand PV in Jordan 2022 / 2023 in the category EPC

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