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Jordan Oil Terminals Company-JOTC

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Address: Al Abdali, Boulevard, Suleiman Al-Nabulsi St., Building (36), 2nd Floor
P.O. Box: 850454
Zip Code: 11185
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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Establishment Year
No. of Projects
Number of Staff
Total Projects Capacity
796,360 (CBM)


JOTC is the first independent, open-access storage provider in Jordan offering world-class storage, handling, transportation, for local and regional clients in the petroleum industry. To ensure its services are provided on a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory basis, JOTC abstains from purchasing, selling or trading petroleum products in the local market; hence, guaranteeing its status as an independent storage provider.

Founded in 2015, JOTC is a private shareholding company, wholly owned by the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

JOTC’s vision is to be the most trusted and preferred logistics services provider to the oil and gas industry in Jordan and the Levant, and to maximize long-term return to its shareholders.

JOTC’s mission is to be a profit-making company, established to ensure the security of fuel supply and promote a competitive petroleum products market in Jordan; providing its customers, from the private and public sectors, with safe, reliable and efficient logistics services (storage, and transportation), in a non-discriminatory manner, and according to the international industry standards by investing in its intellectual capital, building and operating world-class terminals in strategic locations across Jordan.

JOTC services are Storage and Handling, Strategic Stock Management, and Transportation.

Regarding Storage and Handling, JOTC provides an unrivaled array of storage and handling services to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and LPG Distribution Companies, who entrust JOTC with their key logistical activities. A wide variety of petroleum liquid products are stored in its terminals namely Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).

As for Strategic Stock Management, JOTC serves social and national security goals. The Government of Jordan has entrusted JOTC to store and manage its strategic stock of petroleum products as well as the oil marketing companies’ stock as their requirements.

Transportation marks the heartbeat of the bulk storage industry. JOTC has capitalized on being a leading storage provider and launched recently in-land transportation services to its customers; transporting through various local companies, who own a huge fleet of trucks that meet all the necessary sanitary and technical standards.

JOTC has State-of-the-Art Terminals in Amman and Aqaba.

The Amman Strategic Terminal for Petroleum Products (ASTPP) is primarily used for the storage of the country’s strategic stock of petroleum products. The terminal contains 14 storage tanks for petroleum products, of around 400,000 CBM capacity, and 8 LPG spheres of around 30,000 CBM total capacity. In addition to 18 loading bays.

Aqaba Oil and LPG Terminal (AOT) has been built to meet the current and future demand of petroleum products and LPG imports to Jordan. The terminal contains 6 storage tanks for Petroleum products of around 120 thousand CBM total capacity and 3 LPG spheres of 11 thousand CBM total capacity; in addition to 16 loading bays.

Aqaba Heavy Oil Terminal’s products are called upon on a need-to-use basis to maintain energy security, and to export heavy fuel to foreign markets. This reliable terminal has 5 fixed roof tanks with a total capacity of around 210 thousand CBM, in addition to 4 loading bays. Two HFO tanks are heated by a solar heating system for export reasons.

Relationships and trust are the foundation of everything JOTC does. Customers entrust JOTC not only with their products, but also their aspirations and their plans for the future.
Are you ready to conduct business with JOTC? JOTC is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an effective solution for your storage needs in Jordan and the MENA region.

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•    Storage and Handling
•    Strategic Stock Management
•    Transportation 

Key Staff

Eng. Hasan Alheyari
Managing Director
Eng. Ghassan Al Nawaiseh
Operations & Terminals Director
Eng. Mohammad Qatatsheh
Commercial and Procurement Director
Eng. Amer Khanshiri
QHSSE Director
Khaled Al Nimer
Finance Director

Certificates & Awards



•    Safety Excellence
•    Operational Expertise
•    Implementation of Latest Technologies
•    Customer Oriented Approach
•    Neutral Position in Oil and Gas Sector
•    Solid Governmental Networks

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