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Kawar Energy

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Address: Al-Abdali Boulevard, Kawar Keystone Building
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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Establishment Year
Number of Staff
Total Projects Capacity
235 MW
Jordan, Palestine, State of, Saudi Arabia.


Kawar Energy PSC is a renewable energy solutions provider since 2008, that offers specialized services in photovoltaic solar design, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), operation and maintenance (O&M); as well as a comprehensive (DBOT) offering to finance, build and operate large projects for long terms.

Kawar group ranks among the top privately held corporations in the region, and among the 20 most favored organizations to work for in Jordan by virtue of its founders, entrepreneurial spirit, and global business network.

Kawar Energy, backed by ISO certifications for quality (ISO 9001), safety (ISO 45001), environmental standards (ISO 14001), and social responsibility (ISO 26000), demonstrates a steadfast commitment to excellence. The integration of their technological expertise, engineering prowess, and profound regional insight facilitates the rapid development of customized, efficient solar solutions across the varied landscapes of the Middle East.

Kawar Energy enjoys one of the largest market shares of the solar PV distributed energy in Jordan, leveraging over a decade of highly acclaimed projects.

Kawar Energy owns a portfolio exceeding more than 235 megawatts from EPC and DBOT projects, catering to various sectors, including commercial, industrial, educational, entertainment, residential, governmental, and scientific. The company achieves significant environmental and economic impact by generating more than 1.63 TWh of electricity, leading to the reduction of 875,450 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year these projects can light up to 544 thousand houses per year.

Kawar Energy provides comprehensive pre-sale services, encompassing environmental impact assessment, grid, and geotechnical studies, permitting, approvals, and land leasing.

Kawar Energy specializes in engineering, design optimization, and complete life cycle services for PV solar plants. This includes remote monitoring, system analysis, on-site inspections, and maintenance for both their own and third-party installations.

Kawar Energy does not assemble parts to build capacity but optimizes and engineers best-of-breed components into a system capacity, designed to maximize energy output, safely and reliably for more than 20 years.

Kawar Energy proudly expanded in the Middle East, establishing three significant centers, including a new office in Saudi Arabia. This step not only reflects its commitment to the region but also strengthens its position as a leader in renewable energy. By expanding in this way, the company is poised to advance its mission of revolutionizing the energy sector, promising a greener and more sustainable future for the region and beyond.

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Shams Ma’an, 66.6MW largest utility scale thin film technology single axis tracker in the MENA region. , Orange, 36.7MW largest private to private wheeling project in Jordan. , Al Balqa University, 9.634 MW largest university Net Metering powered by solar energy in Jordan. , SESAME, 7MW, the world’s first scientific research/ largest complex to be fully powered by RE. , Ayla, 5.91MW largest seawater pumping plant powered by solar energy in Jordan. , Shams Al-Matar 6.16 MW Largest Internat.
ABC and Etihad bank 3.2 MW
Al-Balqa University 9.634 MW
Ayla Weeling project 2.08 MW
Mutah University 5 MW
Orange project 36.7 MW


•    DBOT: Design, Build, Operate and Transfer
•    EPC: Engineer, Procure and Construct
•    O&M: Operations and Maintenance
•    Consulting

Key Staff

Hanna Zaghloul
Firas Al-Khatib
Deputy CEO
Eng. Mahmoud Salamah
Operation and Maintenance Manager
Eng. Shadi Zurikat
Projects Manager

Certificates & Awards



•    Planning: Feasibility Analysis, Financial performance, Energy Production Modeling, Infrastructure Study, Site Survey.
•    Design and Engineering: Electrical, Civil and Structural Design, Array Layouts and Site Plans, Output Projections, Utility Interconnection Study, Project Estimation, Permitting, Equipment Specification. 
•    Supply: Major Component Procurement including Modules, Inverters, Medium Voltage Equipment and Solutions; Customized Inverter Outdoor Inverter cabling and structures 
•    Construction: Construction Management, Supervision, Quality Control and Performance Testing, Safety policy, Medium-voltage, Commissioning, Customer Orientation and Training. 
•    Ongoing O&M: In-House Maintenance and Service, Factory Trained Technicians, Performance Verification, System Monitoring, Warranty Compliance.
•    Financing: Corporates and individuals with limited access to capital; enabling them to invest in renewable energy solutions through a broad range of long- and short-term loan options; with financial facilitation services that guarantee access to turnkey financing solutions. 
•    Equity Investment: Kawar Energy (via Kawar Investment) engages as an equity investor in mega and utility scale renewable energy projects; bringing deep expertise, longstanding relationships, and strategic insight to the investments.
•    Consulting: Project consulting as well as O&M consulting

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