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Maani Solar

Maani SOLAR (Al Hayakel Renewable Energy Co.)

Leading Industrial Groups
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Address: Maani Building, Shmeisani,
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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maani VENTURES is one of Jordan’s leading industrial groups that employs more than 700 engineers, technicians, and highly skilled laborers and professionals. The company was established in Amman in 1974, with the ultimate vision of developing a new generation of customized engineering products and solutions. maani VENTURES has expanded into a conglomerate of six companies that service Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, UAE, and Qatar. Today, and with its extensive expertise that spans over four decades, maani VENTURES services the MENA region and beyond through the two core business divisions of Construction and Furniture.

maani SOLAR is an offspring of both maani VENTURES’ extensive industrial experience, as well as its commitment to facing current and future global challenges and market needs. Backed by revered German technology and engineering, maani SOLAR specializes in the delivery of turn-key PV solar renewable energy solutions. This includes the complete design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of scalable photovoltaic solar systems, all of which are custom-designed to offset almost any electric demand. Ranging from PV on steel structures and rooftops, to open terrains and off-grid applications that are coupled with prefabricated buildings, the qualified team at maani SOLAR delivers the optimum solution for its clients.

The products offered by maani SOLAR are carefully selected on a project basis, depending on the best-suited technology for each demand. Such products are procured from internationally renowned sources and partners with a proven track record and a guaranteed performance. To name a few, these partners include IBC Solar for European-made modules and China’s based tier 1 Trina Solar or Canadian Solar, along with SMA for inverters and global experts Schletter of Germany for mounting systems. Whenever needed, maani SOLAR’s sister company maani STEEL offers its expertise in the design and manufacture of steel structures supplying almost any form of specialized structures needed for elevated mounting.

maani SOLAR operates under maani CONSTRUCTION which includes other business lines that supply a diverse range of construction products.

maani PREFAB specializes in construction of high-end prefabricated buildings; maani STEEL specializes in design, supply, fabrication, and erection of pre-engineered buildings; maani STRUCTURES specializes in structural steel projects such as power stations, cement and petrochemical plants, oil and gas projects, as well as high-rise buildings; maani METALFORM specializes in producing Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved fire rated steel doors, architectural sheet metal works, and cladding; maani LGS specializes in using automated production and construction capabilities to provide light gauge steel building solutions.

Maani Ventures also includes maani FURNITURE, which builds on the group’s core strength of customized engineering. It is one of the region’s leading companies that provides contract furniture, bent wood, educational and professional labs, auditoriums, office and classroom furniture and much more.

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•    Consumption and load analysis
•    Site surveys and studies
•    PV system design and engineering
•    Project planning
•    Procurement
•    Turnkey construction (civil, mechanical, electrical)
•    Plant Operation and Maintenance
•    Feasibility Studies
•    Local authority approval processing
•    Finance facilitation


Key Staff

Jack Andoni
Chairman - Maani Ventures
Qais Baggili
General Manager - Maani Solar



•    Net-metering PV Plants
•    Wheeling PV Plants
•    Zero-export PV Systems
•    Off Grid PV Systems
•    PVD Hybrid Systems
•    Energy Storage Solutions

Core Competencies

•    40+ years business experience
•    Contracting and manufacturing background
•    In-house engineering capabilities
•    All round engineering expertise (civil, mechanical, electrical)
•    Financial stability
•    Internationally renowned solar components


IBC SOLAR AG (Premium Partner)

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