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Millennium Energy Industries (NEXT Renewable Energy Company LLC)

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Total Projects Capacity
Solar Thermal 135+ MWt, PV 50+ MWp


Operating under the commercial name Millennium Energy Industries (MEI) for which the trademark and commercial name have been acquired, registered, and owned by NEXT since 2019- is an award winning company established in 2007 and is one of the region’s top solar solutions providers.

MEI serves the local and regional markets and is one of the world leaders in providing industrial/commercial scale Solar Thermal (ST) solutions (Hot Water, Steam and Cooling solutions).

The company has logged over 200 successful regional references (projects) on an EPC and an O&M basis. In 2021, MEI began offering financed solutions including BOT, BOOT, Lease Finance- LTO, etc. for solar energy projects. This applies to its full range of solutions and services in solar heat, solar steam, and solar cooling generation, as well as PV.

MEI is credited as one of the world’s largest references, in Saudi Arabia with a 25MWth solar district heating project, Princess Noura University for Women, and was selected for an award by the Global District Energy Association, received in New York city in 2014.  

Starting in 2015, MEI also developed a track record in solar PV, as a developer and EPC contractor, with capacity up to 50+ MW to date in-operation with references including a 23 MWp solar project (BOOT) in Jordan, where it owned 33%.

This is in addition to a wide working relationship with local and international parties, either as developer or EPC contractor, with MEI being a technology independent solution provider albeit with its own proprietary collectors to withstand MENA region weather conditions and environment.

MEI, being an innovative ST solution provider and equipped to meet fast developing commercial and industrial global heating demands, has now developed solutions towards reducing or even eliminating fuel consuming systems by virtue of integrating heat pumps (HP) in its ST solutions.

Heating and cooling demand accounts for around half of global final energy consumption, mostly for industrial processes, followed by residential and agricultural applications and most of this energy now comes either from fossil fuels or inefficient, unsustainable uses of biomass.

Heating and cooling, consequently, is a major source of air pollution and accounts for over 40% of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

MEI’s ST solutions offer payback on fuel consumption ranging from 1 to 4 years while significantly reducing (CO2) emissions (Green).

The rising cost of fuel globally requires the C&I sector to seriously seek such ST solutions.

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Reference for the largest ST roof top project in the world among 250 references, 70 of which are Large Commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients..
Aqaba Chamber of Commerce, Solar Cooling
King Abdullah Financial District, Solar Heating
Movenpick Dead Sea, Solar Heating
Princess Noura Univ., Solar District Heating 25 MWth
Tulkarem Chicken Plant, Industrial Hot Water
Bashir Hospital, Solar Heating


• Solar Energy Solution Provider (Heat, Steam and Cooling and PV)
• Financing available for ST projects

Key Staff

Hani Rabie
Hisham Mikhi
General Manager

Certificates & Awards

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