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Solis Depot

Your Reliable Clean Energy Store

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Establishment Year
Total Projects Capacity
500+ MW
Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman.


Solis Depot is headquartered in Jordan with offices in Egypt, Oman, and Lebanon. It is active in the Middle East and North Africa as a Solar Service company that is fully committed to supplying Huawei Solar PV inverters.

Solis Depot focuses on providing high-quality inverters for its clients while prioritizing and managing resources effectively and efficiently to continuously create value. The company places utmost priority on the safety of its clients and employees, its environment and society. Solis Depot sells only the best products which are manufactured with the end-users in mind.

As a solar PV inverters provider for contractors in the residential, commercial, and utility fields, Solis Depot has delivered exceptional products utilized in completing thousands and thousands of solar PV projects.

The company’s aim is to become the largest retailer of quality renewable energy products and accessories. Solis Depot is available 24/7 throughout the business cycle and beyond.

The vision of Solis Depot is to be a top-class solar service provider with on-time delivery, excellent support at competitive pricing. It’s mission is to provide high-quality products and exceptional support services with a tireless dedication to meeting its client’s solar PV needs; and to offer price competitiveness borne out of maximal operational efficiency; and to continue adhering to the highest levels of integrity that have been the trademark of the company’s success.

Solis Depot is a Premier Provider of reliable, quality, durable, proven photovoltaic inverters from Huawei, giving you the opportunity to harness this free energy alternative. The company has a highly skilled technical team that offers pre-sales technical and after-sales service and emergency support. Solis Depot also guarantees the availability of spares for immediate replacement.

Customers choose Solis Depot because of trust, agility and response, its team, and customer support.

Solis Depot places its customers in the center and focus of all its activities. The company constantly strives to deliver products of the highest quality and to offer impeccable support services which will be of great benefit to its clients.

Solis depot is agile and responsive. The company strongly focuses on delivering the best products along with exceptional after-sale support services which are of value to its clients; delivering simple and authentic solutions that not only meet the imaginations but also exceed the expectations of its clients.

The Solis Depot team combines its strengths while releasing the potential in each team member who thinks boldly, broadly, and acts responsibly.

Regarding customer support, Solis Depot offers impeccable services to its clients; providing quality, timely, transparent, and personable communication and after-sales support services.

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• Mecca Mall (1.5 MW) , • Abdali Medical Center (8.2 MW) , • Lamis Detergent Factory (899.48 KW) , • PEPSI (1.8 MW) , • Arab Medical Center (1005 KW) , • Classic Fashion Phase 1 (5 MW) , • Macdonald (4.8 MW) , • C-Town (3.3 MW) , • Umniah (18 MW) , • Jordan Hospital (1.5 MW) , • NERC Pumping Project II (2 MW) , • IAA Schools (500 KW) , • Social Security (5 MW) , • Carrefour (13 MW) , • Taj Mall (3 MW) , • Safeway (3 MW) , • Horizons for Plastic Industries (776.9 KW) , • Agility (1 MW) , • Jadara University, Irbid.
C-Town 3.4 MW, Jordan
Mass Group Holding Project 54MW, Sudan
Sharm ElSheikh COP27 6 MW, Egypt
Umniah Solar Park 18 MW, Jordan
Water Desalination Plant 17 MW, Oman
Water Treatment Plants 5.2 MW, Palestine

Key Staff

Mohamad Alqadi
Regional Business Manager
Abdullah Hamam
Sales Manager
Mohamad Alsharayri
Technical Manager
Nour Tillawi
Operation Manager



•    Residential Inverters
•    Commercial Inverters
•    Utility Inverters
•    Transformers
•    Monitoring Devices
•    Storage
•    Softwares
•    Accessories
•    Chargers


•    250+Top Customers 
•    500+ MW successful Deliveries in the region.
•    15000+ Operational Projects using Huwaei Fusionsolar.
•    22000+ Huawei Inverters Installed.
•    Sales in 14 countries in the Region
•    Projects raining from 2 KW up to 50 MW.
•    10 Top Distributors in the Region.

Certifications & Awards

• Excellent VAP Award 2022
• Excellent VAP Award 2023
• Best residential performing VAP 2024

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