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The Jordan Environmental Union

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The Jordan Environmental Union, or JEU, is a coalition of 10 of Jordan’s largest and longest running environmental NGOs who specialize in issues ranging from managing Jordan’s nature reservations, promoting food sovereignty and alternative transportation methods in Jordan’s municipalities, towns and villages to combatting desertification.

JEU Mission and Vision:
Environmental citizenship is a key tool to achieve societal development good governance. JEU’s vision is to become a leading advocate for environmental sustainability that can be a conduit for economic and social development, as well as stakeholder engagement and transparent dialogue. Its mission is to create resourceful coordination and cooperation mechanisms among member NGOs to achieve effective engagement and participation in solving national environmental challenges and issues. JEU members are building their current capabilities in science-based research of environmental issues facing Jordan. In order to promote environmental sustainability policies, JEU believes that science backed research is key to fostering meaningful dialogue and change.

JEU Values and Goals:
JEU believes in advocating for change and building alliances and networks of understanding between decision-making bodies, regulatory institutions, fellow NGOs and public entities. Its goals include:
• Creating new environmental governance mechanisms and improving existing environmental governance processes in a manner that ensures the institutionalization of stakeholder involvement in environmental decision-making processes.
• Developing a legal mechanism that permits third sector organizations to have a public input on proposed laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to environmental matters, as well as mandating government agencies to respond publicly to all input from all sources.
• Acting to protect the environmental rights of all people in Jordan, including the protection of land, water, and air and safeguarding the ecosystems and their life support services. 
• Establishing the legitimacy and credibility of environmental NGOs.

JEU Strategic Direction:
In order to achieve its goals and the overarching mission of effective stakeholder engagement and environmental citizenship, JEU focuses on the following strategies:
• Building networks and alliances with NGOs to build capabilities, and formulate environmental development strategies that can be used for policy formulation
• Forging partnerships with national and international public and private entities to promote local development projects
• Legislation, regulation, and litigation measures backed by scientific research

JEU Members: Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN), Jordanian Royal Ecological Diving Society (JREDS), Jordanian Friends of the Environment (JOFOE), Jordan Green Building Council (JGBC), Darajati Environmental Conservation Society (DECS), Jordanian Society for Desertification Control and Badia Development (JSDCBD), Energy Conservation and Environment Sustainability Society (ECESS), Green Generation Society (GGS), WADI NGO for Sustainable Ecosystems Development (WADI) and National Center for Environmental Justice (NCEJ).

Board Members (2019-2022): Omar Al Shoshan (MIRRA), Omar Tahboub (JGBC), Raouf Dabbas (JoFoE), Ismail Atyat (ECESS), Mohammad Al Awaideh (DECS).


Address: Zeinab Al-Asadeyah St. 3،
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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