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REES AEE Amman Chapter

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AEE is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving its members and other industry professionals who are working to improve energy efficiency to save energy, reduce GHGs, make buildings perform better, and help reach global goals for Net-Zero.

The vision of AEE is to lead the global energy community to meet the challenges of a clean and sustainable future.

Its mission is to shape the future of the energy industry through networking, energy awareness, education, training, professional certification, and recognition.

REES AEE Amman Chapter was established in 2019. Since then, the chapter has been working closely with all AEE members in Jordan to make an effective representation of the AEE organization in the United States of America.

In 2021, the chapter received its full certification and progressed from being an “Under Development Chapter” into a “Chartered Chapter”.

The services of the chapter include providing technical lectures, webinars, seminars, and field trips. As an approved training provider, the chapter is the exclusive entity in Jordan to conduct training courses and exams.

The chapter is also supervising the local universities’ chapters in Jordan and provides assistance whenever possible.

REES AEE Amman Chapter provides the following certifications:
• Certified Energy Manager® - CEM®
• Business Energy Professional - BEP®
• Energy Efficiency Practitioner - EEP™
• Certified Industrial Energy Professional- CIEP™
• Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® - CMVP®
• Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional - CLEP™
• Certified Energy Auditor - CEA®
• Certified Building Commissioning Professional - CBCP®
• Certified Performance Contracting & Funding - PCF™
• Certified Water Efficiency Professional - CWEP™
• Certified Renewable Energy Professional - REP™

The current members of the board are:
• President: Eng. Rabea Sawaged (CEM, CEA, EEP, REP, CRM). He is the Co-founder and Technical Manager at ETA Max Energy and Environmental Solutions, with more than 15 years of experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and training. Authorized trainer by AEE.
• Vice President: Eng. Anas Al-Asmar (CEM, CMVP, CLEP, REP). He is Technical Advisor - Energy Management & Energy Efficiency at GIZ, with more than 15 years of experience in the energy management sector (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy); and is an authorized trainer by AEE, JEA, and RCREEE.
• Treasurer: Eng. Shifa’a Al-Khatatbeh (LEED AP, CBCP, CEM, CEA, CLEP, REP). She is the Energy Efficiency Division Manager at Izzat Marji Group, with more than 18 years of experience in energy efficiency, Green Buildings, and HVAC systems; and an authorized trainer by AEE.
• Secretary: Eng. Farah A. Qaqish (REP, FFAC, PMP). He is Deputy GM - REED at Izzat Marji Group, with more than 14 years of experience in renewable energy and HVAC systems; and is an authorized trainer by AEE.

For more information, contact REES AEE Amman Chapter at 079-7838643, [email protected] or visit 


Address: King Abdullah II st.
City: Amman
Country: Jordan

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