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Green Thermal Heating Project for JOTC Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Tanks

A project by Jordan Oil Terminals Company-JOTC in Jordan

Project Facts

Project Type
HFO Heating Via Solar Thermal Water Heating System
Project Contract Type
EPC Lump Sum Turnkey Project Contract (FIDIC Silver Book)
Collectors’ Aperture Area
Annual Solar Thermal Power
2,213 MWh
Gross Volume of Heated HFO
86,000 m3
Number of Heated HFO Tanks
Two Tanks
Insulation and Cladding works
More than 5,000m

Jordan Oil Terminals Company (JOTC), a government-owned entity, and Next Renewable Energy Company (Millennium Energy Industries - MEI) have jointly completed a pioneering project to design, install and operate a solar thermal heating system for two Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) storage tanks located within Aqaba Thermal Power Station (ATPS) premises.

JOTC, a leader in petroleum and gas storage services in Jordan, aimed to cut costs and adopt eco-friendly sustainable solutions. MEI, known for its renewable energy expertise, was chosen to execute the project.

This breakthrough initiative, the first of its kind globally, signifies the potential of using clean energy in traditional energy facilities. The system, with a 1.2 MWt capacity, is estimated to yield 2,213 MWh/year, saving 380,000 liters of diesel fuel and mitigating 1,017 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Since March 2023, the system has been commissioned and operational, functioning in an automated mode without the requirement for continuous human supervision. This is achievable because the system is fully automated, offering the convenience of remote and local control.