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Jordan Islamic Bank (Bonded, Sahab)

Project Facts

Project Type
Wheeling Project
Project capacity
2.714 MWp
PV panels Type
8,352 modules (325W)
Number of Inverters
52 string inverters
Launch Date
December, 2017
Completion Date
April, 2018

Based on the mission of Jordan Islamic Bank to lead in the field of renewable energy, the project was developed to cover 85% of its branches’ consumption in the capital Amman and in the cities of Madaba, Zarqa, and Salt via a “wheeling” program with JEPCO.

The project comprised the installation of 8,352 modules rated 325W by JA Solar and 52 string inverters by ABB and mounting system by Schletter.

As time was of the essence, the project was delivered and installed within a record time of less than 120 days to serve the client’s mandate.