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Special Projects for The Arab Potash Co

Project Facts

Project Type
Rehabilitation & Maintenance
Commissioning Date
January 2019: Crystallizer # 2 Replacement, April 2021: Hot Thickener Tank Roof Replacement - May 2021: Crystallizer # 3 - March 2022: Crystallizer # 2 Emergency Repair - January 2023: Design & Supply of Carnallite Centrifuge Casings

Together with renowned partners such as ALTRAD-Cape, GBT Buecolit, HAW Linings, VDM Metals & BUTTING, ITCC executed several plant rehabilitation & maintenance projects at the Arab Potash Company that span from critical plant equipment replacements, emergency repairs, tailor-made designs, to operation & maintenance services.

Two Crystallizers were fully replaced while One Crystallizer was repaired onsite in record time following a fire incident. Additionally, rubber lining repairs were performed in critical plant equipment.

Hot Thickener Tank Roof Panels (FRP Panels) were designed, supplied and installed on-site during a record shutdown period of 9 days.

Supply of Alloy 400 & 625 Pipes, Fittings, Plates & Pre-Fabricated Spools along with the design & supply of Six Carnallite Centrifuge Casings made from SS316L.

In addition, annual frame agreements were signed and executed for plant scaffolding and maintaining plant dedusting systems.